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Alpine racing skis TOUR RACE CARBON DESIGN

Skialp racing skisAlpine racing skis TOUR RACE CARBON DESIGN

715,6 EUR
Including VAT. The price depends on the selected binding and the length of the ski.
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Alpine racing skis TOUR RACE CARBON DESIGN
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The LUSTi Tour Race Carbon Design skis are not classic alpine skis, but they are primarily ultra-light downhill skis, thanks to which you will be the first on the hill and at the same time enjoy the perfect riding experience, whether you are riding on a groomed slope or going down a steep slope. LUSTi Tour Race Carbon Design are the skis that will make you a star, whether you want to win ski mountaineering races or conquer peaks from the Giant Mountains, through the Alps to the Himalayas. Thanks to the use of light Pauwlovnia wood and the replacement of the top foil with carbon, we reach a weight of 670 g at a length of 162 cm.

87° from the side
0.5° from the bottom

152 cm +/- 670 g
162 cm +/- 720 g

Mounting point, for possible self-assembly of bindings
(measured from the heel):
152 cm - 60.0 cm
162 cm - 65.0 cm
172 cm - 70.0 cm

Mounting pointBy length
Tip height---
Tip length---
Base length---
Base height---
Base width80 mm
Centre width64 mm
Tip width96 mm
Radius26 m
Ski length172 cm
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