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Bindings G3 ION 12w/ Brakes Boot Stop 85
Bindings G3 ION 12w/ Brakes Boot Stop 85
Bindings G3 ION 12w/ Brakes Boot Stop 85
Bindings G3 ION 12w/ Brakes Boot Stop 85

Binding G3 ION 12w/ Brakes Boot Stop

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The G3 ION 12 binding for skialp and freeride is a powerful, light and intuitive binding, the latest product of the creative engineers at G3. Thanks to the wide binding attachment, unique fastening and reliable brakes, it ensures the best performance in the lightest design.
ION offers efficiency, great power transfer to the ski and design in its category.

Weight: 585g (1/2 pair), 1170g (whole binding including brakes)
Brakes: 85, 100, 115, 130mm
Breaking force DIN: 5-12
Range: 22mm
Type: TLT

Better power transmission, reliable shutdown, the performance you demand and the lightness you desire.

Wide dynamic jaws and tech pin placement optimize energy transfer and shock absorption, increase the torsional resistance of bindings and better transfer power to the edges of the ski.

The forward pressure of the heel is a great improvement in binding safety and performance, ensuring constant contact with the heel of the ski boot and constant cut-off values during ski deflection and landings.

The wide base better transfers power to the edges and increases the torsional resistance of the binding, it is 33% wider than traditional tech bindings.


Smooth, efficient and easy switching on and off

The BootStop pops up and guides the toe of the ski boot to the right place, quickly, easily and always the same, making it easy to switch bindings in difficult terrain.

QuickFlick climbing heels make climbing easier and are easily accessible with a ski pole. Simply snap the first and second heels with the wand and no hill will stop you.

Two-way rotation of the heel allows for an instant, intuitive switch from walking to riding binding. Turn the foot with either hand in any direction. You can't go wrong.

ION overcomes most of the current limitations of tech bindings. Once you try them, you won't want another one.

The snow sweep channel makes it easy to sweep away accumulated snow and ice and to properly engage the bindings. Prevents unintended shutdown of the binding.

The powerful brake, spring-loaded and fully retractable, provides the highest reliability in this binding category.

The forward pressure of the foot absorbs shocks and vibrations at high speeds and with high pressure on the binding, thus solving one of the biggest weaknesses of tech bindings.

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