Nearest LUSTi skis testing: 11.4.2024 Austria - Pitztal.

CROSS WIDE ROCKER 84 universal skis

Universal skisCROSS WIDE ROCKER 84 universal skis

543,6 EUR
Including VAT. The price depends on the selected binding and the length of the ski.
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A reliable ski for medium and high speeds that will pass everything and everywhere.

The CWR is the first ever LUSTi ski with a rocker. This robust stiff ski will surprise you with its calmness and great stability at higher speeds on broken slopes. CWR belongs to the more active and sportier skis.

The composition and hardness of the wooden core is the same as PC category skis with two sheets of titanal. In addition, this ski has a long rocker (inverted deflection) in the tip and in the heel, which makes it easier to enter the arc, then there is camber under the binding.

Driving sensation:
"When driving, the ski felt rather calmer, it's definitely not a predator. These skis are very comfortable to ride and thanks to the 84 mm width under the binding, nothing surprised me on the slopes. I also rode the broken slope on these lies very stably, without hesitation. (Radka Luštincová (1990), CWR 84 161 cm) "

"They excel on soft snow, and the driving experience increases proportionally as the surface of the slope gradually changes into a patchy patch, on which other skiers with narrower skis start to struggle. They can carve and skid, are easy to control in bumps and will not disappoint even on the frozen surface of the slope. Some of my best skiing experiences include skiing CWR 84 in deep powder on a groomed slope. Thanks to the CWR 84, I skied abroad several times wonderfully, where it snowed a lot in the middle of the week and the narrow racecarv skis stopped being friends with me. (Honza Satrapa (1968), SATRAPA ski, CWR 84 176cm) "

87° from the side
0.5° from the bottom

Interesting fact: Did you know that the titanium in the ski cannot come into contact with salt? You can find more information in our article.

If, when buying skis, you want to adjust the binding to the boot size or adjust the release force to your weight, the binding will always be adjusted only as a guide and it is always necessary to check the binding adjustment at the nearest ski service, where you will also receive a confirmation of the adjustment.

Mounting point, for possible self-assembly of bindings
(measured from the heel):
161 cm - 67.0 cm
166 cm - 69.0 cm
171 cm - 71.0 cm
176 cm - 73.5 cm
181 cm - 75.5 cm

Mounting point73,5 cm
Tip height---
Tip length---
Base length---
Base height---
Base width111 mm
Centre width84 mm
Tip width129 mm
Radius18,1 m
Ski length176 cm
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