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Fun skis for the park FREESTYLE PARK EXO

Fun skis to the parkEXO FREESTYLE PARK

451,6 EUR
Including VAT. The price depends on the selected binding and the length of the ski.
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Under the name EXO you will find two types of skis based on the same construction. In lengths of 165 and 175 cm, these are all mountain freestyle skis that are at home in snow parks, on jumps and rails, but are also perfectly usable for riding on the slopes. Light, stable, flexible on jumps, playful on the slopes, more for medium to longer curves and such fun riding.

Sandwich construction, classic camber, twin tip.

Under the length of 177 hides a slightly narrowed ski, precisely built mainly for snow parks. Rail, jump, pipe - these are synonyms for this freestyle ski.

Like the previous ski, it has a classic camber for maximum bounce and stability during impacts, sandwich construction.

It doesn't matter if you're in the front or the back, it's all about your skills. This ski will push you further.

Recommended length of the ski – agile is shorter, longer is better for big jumps and driving. :)

Driving sensation:
"A light ski ideal for the snow park. Thanks to its weight and easy handling, it is suitable for both beginners and professionals. They hold up a lot when jumping big jumps and work well on the slopes too!”

87° from the side
0.5° from the bottom

If, when buying skis, you want to adjust the binding to the boot size or adjust the release force to your weight, the binding will always be adjusted only as a guide and it is always necessary to check the binding adjustment at the nearest ski service, where you will also receive a confirmation of the adjustment.

Recommended mounting point:
for freestyle from the center of the ski - 0 (rails) - 2cm - parks
for all mountain -2 -4.5 cm

Mounting point86 cm
Tip height---
Tip length---
Base length---
Base height---
Base width105 mm
Centre width80 mm
Tip width115 mm
Radius20 m
Ski length177 cm
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