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Racing skis RACE CARVER GS
Racing skis RACE CARVER GS
Racing skis RACE CARVER GS

Racing skisRacing skis RACE CARVER GS

519,6 EUR
Including VAT. The price depends on the selected binding and the length of the ski.
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An honest gun for a hard hill, ideal for medium and longer arcs. The ski requires a certain speed, which is rewarded with a stable and sure ride.

This tuned turner is also suitable for very experienced skiers and amateur racing skiers. Its domain is a groomed slope and its strengths are controllability, stability and perfectly, cleanly driven curves. Thanks to the width of 70 mm under the shoe, it allows an even more extreme tilt. The RC GS simply drives quickly, legibly and precisely.

The construction and geometry predispose the skis to excellent performance on groomed slopes and riding on the edge. This ski is not very suitable for off-piste riding. A more powerful alternative to this ski is the professional racing special FR GS.

Driving sensation:
"I enjoy these skis the most in the morning, when there aren't many people on the slopes, the slopes are hard, groomed and I can really get the most out of them. Of course, these skis need more speed to work as they should. They are great for longer arcs, in which I can lay down as much as possible, and thanks to their length and larger radius, I feel absolute confidence and stability." (Radka Luštincová (1990), RC GS 170 cm)

“SUPER SKI! Long and medium arcs are excellent. It drives very well and above all calmly on the edge = no unpleasant surprises for the rider. It reacts beautifully from the tip - it is very easy to start the carving arc on the lighter. It does not require as much force to step on it as it might seem at first glance. Also, the width of the ski under the binding of 70 mm, no longer limits these GS to hard pistes, but becomes a universal tool for all-day skiing. Ideal also for those who like hard skis but are not fond of carving. Unless it's strictly freeride conditions, they're almost always my first choice! :)" (Petr Konečný, SNOW FOR FUN)

87° from the side
0.5° from the bottom

Interesting fact: Did you know that the titanium in the ski cannot come into contact with salt? You can find more information in our article.

If, when buying skis, you want to adjust the binding to the size of your boot or adjust the release force to your weight, the binding will always be adjusted only as a guide and it is always necessary to check the binding adjustment at the nearest ski service, where you will also receive a confirmation of the adjustment.

Mounting point, for possible self-assembly of bindings
(measured from the heel):
165 cm - 69.5 cm
170 cm - 72.0 cm
175 cm - 74.0 cm
180 cm - 76.5 cm
185 cm - 79.0 cm

Mounting point76,5 cm
Tip height---
Tip length---
Base length---
Base height---
Base width99 mm
Centre width70 mm
Tip width114 mm
Radius18,9 m
Ski length180 cm
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