Nearest LUSTi skis testing: 11.4.2024 Austria - Pitztal.

Racing snowboard on the FREECARVE slope

Racing snowboard for the slopesRacing snowboard on the FREECARVE slope

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Racing snowboard on the FREECARVE slope
Choose the length of the snowboard165244-198-238R 13m175251-208-244R 16m

The Freecarve snowboard is a sidewall construction with a high-quality all-wood core, similar in construction to racing slalom boards, but unlike them, it is more manageable. Turns willingly and allows for easier speed correction. This snowboard is designed for lovers of cut arcs in extreme slopes.

Mounting pointBy length
Tip height---
Tip length---
Base length---
Base height---
Base width238 mm
Centre width198 mm
Tip width244 mm
Radius13 m
Ski length165 cm
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