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Alpine bindings MARKER ALPINIST 9 Long travel

Skialp bindingAlpine bindings MARKER ALPINIST 9 Long travel

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The Marker Alpinist 9 ski alpine binding is a top ski touring binding, which, thanks to its low weight and high stiffness, can be used not only in all ski touring activities, but also in freeriding.
The ALPINIST binding has the essential advantages of PinTech bindings – simple construction and very low weight, plus it adds unrivaled stiffness, so much appreciated when tackling challenging descents.
The ALPINIST binding has an adjustable release force that is constant in any situation and in any conditions, and it can also be adjusted using standard test equipment.
During the development of the ALPINIST binding, attention was paid to even the smallest details. Therefore, it is very easy to handle when switching between SKI and WALK modes, as well as working with climbing supports. It is very easy to add climbing irons to the binding.
Compared to other PinTech bindings, the ALPINIST binding is safer and transfers energy better thanks to the key features that are included. Weight: 245g without brake, 335g with brake single binding

The weight of the 105mm brake is 99g
Adjustment range: ISO/DIN 4-9 and 6-12 for skier weight 40-110 kg
Brakes available: 90, 105 and 115 mm
Rising irons for binding: 90, 105 and 120 mm

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