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Climbing belts KOHLA SMU MIXMOHAIR 120 MM 149 - 155 CM

Ski skinsClimbing belts KOHLA SMU MIXMOHAIR 120 MM 149 - 155 CM

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Fast climbing belts from the Kohla brand, which hold firmly and have an excellent slide. With impregnation against sticking snow. Reliable adhesive down to -30°C with membrane.
With a 50:50 slip-to-climb ratio, they're ideal for fast hill climbs. You can then put all your energy into a great descent. A comfortable exit will be supported by fiber impregnation, which prevents snow from sticking to the belts, and a membrane, which does not let moisture into the glue and thus holds the belts firmly even in variable conditions throughout the season. KOHLA SMU Mixmohair belts are intended for frequent use. The combination of high-quality mohair and nylon (65% mohair and 35% nylon) ensures an optimal ratio between excellent glide, climbability and long life. KOHLA SMU Mixmohair belts can be attached to any ski, the steel eyelet can easily be replaced with another attachment for a different tip type. The parts are made of high-quality plastic and stainless steel materials that are resistant to frost and wear. Free professional fitting of bindings in our Skialpshop. The main advantages of SMU Mixmohair climbing belts: climbing layer material: 65% mohair / 35% nylon adhesive layer material: Hot-Melt glue design: Multifit supplied widths: 120 mm slip/climbability ratio in %: 50 / 50 up to temperature: -30 ° C membrane: Yes impregnation: Yes - fluorocarbon trimming option for any ski: yes included in the package: bag, film, Multifit set

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