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Performance skis PERFORMANCE CARVING 71
Performance skis PERFORMANCE CARVING 71
Performance skis PERFORMANCE CARVING 71

Performance skisPerformance skis PERFORMANCE CARVING 71

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Including VAT. The price depends on the selected binding and the length of the ski.
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The characteristics of this agile sports slalom combine performance with fun. The dimensions of the ski indicate that short and medium curves on a groomed slope are its domain.

The reinforced construction of the wooden core in the front part of the ski and two titanal plates ensure that the PC 71 is stable and accurate even at higher speeds and vigorous steering.

Very high-quality equipment for experienced riders and lovers of carving overload. Variants over 170 cm provide an interesting ratio of natural radius to the length of the ski, and riding them is a unique sporting experience. The PC 71 is not ideal for a sliding curve, nor is it very suitable for off-piste riding.

Driving sensation:
"Definitely the most playful and fun skis I've ever ridden. Thanks to the shifted geometry, when you stand almost exactly in the middle of the ski, it is very easy to pass from arc to arc. The skis are very cut, so even I, at 160 cm, chose a length of 175 cm, and it was a great experience, because I was able to ride slalom curves even on such a long ski. I felt great confidence and trust in the skis. If you love carving, these skis are a great choice for you." (Radka Luštincová (1990), PC 71 170 cm)

"Excellent ski for sports skiers. One has to understand her - "she likes it from the beginning more over the top"! And when you do that, it pays off with great edge-holding, even on ice. "One hundred and fifty" is ideal for my 75 kg, but lengths 160 - 165 cover the range of skiers (and skiers) from approx. 65 kg to infinity." (Standa Plecitý (1956), CK Pink Panther, PC 71 160 cm)

"Well, this ski is the bomb. I've tried everything possible from different companies, but I don't know of a ski with such a cut at this length. The result is great! It's an express train, it's a TGV, it's a Shinkansen - it's going full speed around a bend, but it's not derailing! He holds it and it's safe - a great experience!!" (Standa Plecitý (1956), CK Pink Panther, PC 71 185 cm)

"The skis belong to the family silver of the brand (previously labeled PCT). If you are a good skier (and female skier!!!) who prefers active and precise short and medium turns, with the possibility of changing the rhythm on groomed tracks, this is the ski for you. Although it has their radius, it is not a sharp or "detuned" slalom, which either works together with you to wash it down in one rhythm, or simply drops you. It's a ski with precise arch placement, but not stubborn or dictatorial. Emotionally, it also takes into account your current state, possibilities and desire to step into each arc, or just circle cleanly on the radius (even a little above it). I consider it the most spinable all-day ski; for this purpose, however, I recommend going with the longer version without fear." (Honza Šafka (1966), PC 71 175 cm, PC 71 180 cm)

87° from the side
0.5° from the bottom

Interesting fact: Did you know that the titanium in the ski cannot come into contact with salt? You can find more information in our article.

If, when buying skis, you want to adjust the binding to the size of your boot or adjust the release force to your weight, the binding will always be adjusted only as a guide and it is always necessary to check the binding adjustment at the nearest ski service, where you will also receive a confirmation of the adjustment.

Mounting point, for possible self-assembly of bindings
(measured from the heel):
160 cm - 72.0 cm
165 cm - 74.5 cm
170 cm - 77.0 cm
175 cm - 79.5 cm
180 cm - 82.0 cm
185 cm - 84.5 cm

Mounting pointBy length
Tip height45 mm
Tip length138 mm
Base length53 mm
Base height7 mm
Riser4 mm
Base width117 mm
Centre width71 mm
Tip width128 mm
Ski length170 cm
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