Nearest LUSTi skis testing: 11.4.2024 Austria - Pitztal.


Why choose LUSTI?


Price-performance ratio

Perhaps the greatest asset of our skis is the excellent quality at a reasonable price.

If we compare our products in terms of competition, LUSTi usually offers an order of magnitude higher quality at the same price, both in the materials used and in the driving characteristics. Therefore, thanks to the support of the domestic market, the price ratio is particularly good for Czech customers. - performance at an excellent level.


Driveability is our priority

The main criterion of LUSTi skis is their functionality.

Of course we try to make our skis look good, but excellent handling is always paramount. That's why you won't find special surface shaping, plastic accessories, electronic chips or their substitutes, switches or other "gadgets" on our skis. and add-ons that do not improve the handling or durability of the skis and only serve to influence the customer in a fiercely competitive environment. We at LUST rely on a quality product without deceiving the customer.


Production quality

We produce skis in small batches with a high percentage of handmade work.

Each product is carefully inspected for quality before it leaves the factory. All our models have a quality all-wood core (including children's models). So all skis have a full wood core, not just parts. LUSTi uses proven technology in the production and classic construction that we believe has not yet been surpassed. We have personally tested all our ski models and can vouch for their performance. In addition, our products are tested and commented on by both regular skiers and professional athletes and professional skiers.


Permanent price

Don't expect any sales or discounts with us. You can buy our products at any time of the year at the same price. We have learned to respond flexibly to market demand, which enables us to keep our margins lower than other manufacturers all year round.

Small batch production allows us to respond flexibly to market demand. If necessary, we are able to remanufacture the required product - this means that we have only a minimum quantity in stock, which we do not have to sell out after the season. For the customer, this means that they can buy our products at any time of the year, without having to wait for discounts. Among other things, this way of selling allows us to keep margins lower than is usual with other manufacturers.



We provide above-standard warranty and post-warranty service for our products.

If there is any problem with the product, we try to solve it with a personal approach and to your maximum satisfaction. Any repairs to skis are carried out in-house, so you can be sure that the skis we repair will be of the same quality, as a new ski.



Less investment in marketing compared to other (big) brands.

No company can do without promotion nowadays. However, we try to use the costs of promotion, which unfortunately must always be reflected in the prices of products, as efficiently as possible. Part of marketing is also the support of professional and amateur athletes and ski clubs. Their successes are our joy and we believe they will be yours too.


Testing options

You have to touch the skis, try them, experience them. It's like boots, you don't just buy them by the price tag. the size and color of the laces. That's why we provide a lot of test events and rentals. skis.

During the winter season, our contractors organise many test events where you can try out the LUSTi skis for yourself. And if you can't make it, you can rent the models you want at our dealers' permanent test centres. Because only you know, which skis are best for you and it is in our interest that you are really satisfied with our product.